Life as Urban Yogi

The evolution of Urban Yogi began with my upbringing.  Spiritual practice and teaching run in my family.  Being raised by two parents who live by Science of Mind principles made me aware of my Self and my surroundings at an early age.

Yoga found me in my early twenties while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I studied International Spanish for the Professions.  Living in a town where people were so focused on health, performance and living well made me intent on building a healthier relationship with my body and mind.

Upon moving back to my hometown of San Diego, I began taking vigorous vinyasa classes, which humbled me from the start.  My yoga practice began in 2008, when I decided that giving up on the yoga mat wasn’t an option if I intended to keep growing as a person.

Persistence on the mat freed my spirit.  The words of my yoga teachers at CorePower Yoga echoed the practical spirituality that I grew up with.  I took my budding yoga practice with me while traveling around the world, independently filming and researching ecological tourism.  Staying balanced in dancer’s pose during a torrential downpour in Nicaragua gave me a sense of my strength, spirit and focus.

Curiosity led me to enroll Power Yoga Teacher Training through CorePower Yoga in 2009, where I learned the principles of postural alignment, yogic philosophy for everyday life and effective teaching methodology.  I was delighted to find that teaching came naturally to me.  The theatrical productions and film acting classes of my adolescence helped me assume the role of a yoga teacher with poise and projection.

My global search for a path towards making a positive impact led me to teach yoga, which in time, revealed to me the places I needed to heal within myself.  I find that teaching yoga feels like speaking a language that uses physical and mental alignment to convey the greater laws of balance, cause and effect.  Through regular yogic intent and practice, we free our spirits and eliminate needless suffering from our lives.

I founded my brand Urban Yogi in the fall of 2010 when D. Boyle, of DCompress Downtown, offered to refer her massage clients to me for yoga.  The name Urban Yogi came out when she asked me who I am when I teach.

Alongside DCompress Downtown, Urban Yogi began teaching classes at a converted, candlelit space in the Industry Showroom on 6th and J in East Village.  We then expanded into the century-old building formerly curated by The Red Lotus Society on 3rd and Market.  With a sense of urgency, I served urban yogis near and far with the best experience of yoga I possibly could.

From 2011 to 2014,  I became attuned to three levels of Usui Reiki, spent hours a week on my yoga mat and learned from fellow teachers in San Diego's thriving yoga community.  I built workshops for expanding one's yoga practice on the mat and in life, and developed a 200 hour yoga teacher training curriculum based on the system of chakras and the eight limbs of yoga.  I am currently training my fifth class of teachers-to-be at Hapa Yoga.

Thanks to the balancing effects of regular yoga and reiki practice, I made the positive impact on my community that was my intention from the start.  At the end of 2014, our studio lease was up and Urban Yogi was ready to branch out.

My work as Urban Yogi is to empower people with tools for self-healing.  I teach urban yogis like myself how to walk through life with yogic alignment. We harness the power of self-care and take responsibility for being fully present in our lives, effective in our work and compassionate towards others.

I am currently studying and training to become a Yoga Therapist at The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas.  Through this two year training, I aim to provide therapeutic yogic practices that address people's health concerns and increase their general well-being.

I thank you for your practice, as the work you do on yourself improves the state of the world around you.  I am honored to be a light on your path and to contribute to our collective evolution through the offerings in this space.

Honoring the light in you,

Susana Wolds