Stretch, tone and and take a mental vacation with Urban Yogi.

These practice videos range from 20-40 minutes.  They feature dynamic vinyasa flows, mellow movement, and functional fitness to balance strength and flexibility.  Classes are led with detailed instructions in a meditative style.

For beginner-friendly yoga and support with the finer techniques presented, please refer to my Instructional Videos.

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Intro to Yoga, Chaturanga Tutorial and More Coming Soon!

These instructional videos clarify common questions and help troubleshoot some challenges we often encounter in yoga.  Gain new tools for proper alignment, yogic breathing and more.

Beginner yogis learn to set a strong foundation for yoga, while intermediate yogis refine their techniques and incorporate the Eight Limbs of Yoga into their practice.

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As supplements to Urban Yogi Teacher Training and Reiki Trainings, these videos offer in-depth instruction and analysis of yogic techniques and philosophy.

This videos may be counted towards a 200 hour certification for Urban Yogi RYS in the form of non-contact hours.

These resources are available free of charge to all Urban Yogi certified yoga teachers and reiki practitioners.

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Yoga is not a "one size fits all" practice.  You may need to modify or omit the movements I suggest for your own safety and wellbeing.  Not all movements are suitable for pregnant women.  Please ask your doctor or physical therapist if athletic yoga is appropriate for you.  Susana Wolds, Urban Yogi will not be held liable in any way for any injury or personal damage caused by using these videos.  By viewing videos produced by Susana Wolds, Urban Yogi, you agree to these terms.

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