The Teacher Within, RYS 200

A comprehensive teacher training program to extend one’s yoga practice to life at large and acquire new skills for safely and effectively teaching yoga to others.  Created by Susana Wolds, E-RYT 200, this program was built in accordance with Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour standards and is a Registered Yoga School of Vinyasa Flow since 2013.  

The Teacher Within follows a uniquely integrated format for synthesizing the physical, energetic, philosophical and practical aspects of yoga for contemporary practitioners and teachers. We use this format to teach our trainees how to instruct a safe, effective and satisfying Vinyasa Flow class with a rich understanding of the body, mind and spirit. Each week of our training includes the educational categories below and is organized along the seven chakras and the eight limbs of yoga.  In addition to the yogic curriculum, this program features the first (or second) degree of Reiki for treating one's self and others with universal (rei) life force energy (ki).  

This training is led by Susana Wolds and supported by esteemed local teachers including Tess Hammering, Nathan Briner, Sarah Haughton, Tina Knight, Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn, Missy Lopez, Angelica Barrera, Raven Shamballa, and Alisha Frank.  Urban Yogi is thrilled to be partnering with Hapa Yoga to present this program at their fine studios.  


2017 Training Schedule at Hapa Yoga

Every-other weekend from March 11 - August 13, 2017.  

Saturdays & Sundays 1:00-7:00pm

Orientation: Friday March 10, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Training Dates:

March 11-12, 25-26

April 8-9, 22-23

May 6-7, 20-21

June 3-4, 17-18

July 1-2, 15-16, 29-30

August 12-13

Reiki 1 Elective: August 26-27, 2:00 - 6:00pm

Missed classes may be made up with recorded sessions and independent assignments.


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Topics Covered in Urban Yogi Teacher Training


Yogic Techniques, Training and Practice

  • Healthy alignment principles
  • Postural modifications and props for strength and stability
  • Inversions 
  • Cultivating an independent/home yoga practice
  • Injury prevention
  • Chakra-themed Vinyasa Flows to empower the body's main energy centers
  • Intro to Yin Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga basics and safety
  • Chakra-themed meditation with aromatherapy by Quinntessentials 
  • Mantra (vocal practice)
  • Mudra (yoga of the hands)
  • Pranayama (vital breathwork)
  • Bandhas (using the diaphragms)
  • Sanskrit pronunciation and usage

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Key anatomical features and inner-workings of our physiology in yoga postures
  • Popular myths and medical findings about yoga's risks and rewards
  • Anatomy of yoga injuries
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Mechanics of breathing
  • Endocrine system
  • Nervous system
  • Meridians and organs 
  • Prenatal and Post Natal Yoga
  • Energy anatomy 
  • The seven major chakras and their connection to the physical body
  • Reiki first degree training (or second degree, for those already attuned to first degree)

History, Philosophy and Lifestyle

  • The Eight-limbed path of yoga
  • Yogic self-care practices
  • The (surprising) evolution of yoga from ancient to modern times
  • Ayurveda for nutritional health and balanced living
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The Science of Mind
  • Cultivating spiritual practice
  • The worldview of yoga and it’s countless applications to life
  • Dharma Yoga: Principles & Practices for Living Your True Purpose

Teaching Methodology

  • Apply the eight limbs of yoga and the wisdom of the seven chakras to the practice of teaching 
  • Stage presence: playing the role of the teacher and turning nervousness into strength
  • Self-care for yoga teachers
  • Vocal empowerment
  • Postural adjustments and assists
  • Guiding students into advanced variations
  • Injury prevention for students and teachers
  • Using reiki in a yoga class
  • Principles of sequencing for safe, satisfying and effective yoga classes
  • Creating yoga playlists with desired effect
  • Using metaphysics and "symbolic sight" to work with creative themes and therapeutic focus 
  • Claiming what's yours to share with the world 
  • Facilitating group classes and workshops
  • How to teach and support private clients
  • Professionalism as a yoga teacher
  • How to start teaching
  • The business of yoga and how to make it work for you
  • Tools for financial abundance, order and balance
  • Ethical behavior as a leader
  • Standards of excellence in your work
  • Encouraging students' self-empowerment


  • Weekly practice teaching 
  • Demonstrate understanding of learned concepts and key terms
  • Giving and receiving constructive teaching feedback
  • Teach a full Vinyasa Flow class upon completion

Retreat Day

  • Journey to Encinitas to visit yoga's historical birthplace on the west coast!
  • Local lunch
  • Visit Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens
  • Closing ceremony at Swami's beach

Tuition: $2500 / Without Reiki Elective: $2320

Tuition includes a $500 deposit required to secure your space, program manual, training sessions, a retreat day in Encinitas, six month membership to Hapa Yoga,  mentorship and internship opportunities.

The program cost does not include required texts.

Monthly payment plans are available by request.

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Prospective students often wonder if they are at a level of experience in yoga that's appropriate for enrolling in a teacher training program. This training is open to all who are willing to do the work that personal growth entails.  We use what we learn about ourselves as students to inform ourselves as teachers.  Many people choose to participate in this program to enrich their lives at large, moreso than to teach yoga professionally.  The wisdom that one stands to gain through this program is relevant to every aspect of our lives, including our chosen vocation.  We use yoga as a system for self-healing.  It empowers us to be fully present in the world, no matter what path we choose. 

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"Susana is the consummate teacher.  I couldn't have had a better experience in my YTT. She created a safe, nurturing space for us to learn, explore, and integrate the full spectrum of concepts discussed. With a solid foundation in safety, physiology, and teaching method, we also learned and tried on several core spiritual ideas and concepts. And to enhance our training even more, Susana employed a variety of talented guest teachers and put on several in-house workshops where we could fully immerse ourselves in the teachings. Awesome experience."

- Sean Castro RYT,  Class of 2014

“On the first night of training I knew I had made the right decision to enroll. It was an expansive and beautiful experience to grow and learn alongside other passionate yogis. By diving into the teachings of yoga, I not only grew in my physical practice but gained a deeper love and appreciation for the science and art that yoga is. Susana is a compassionate and enlightened teacher that gently pushed us all to be better than we were the day before. She offered a unique and special piece to the training by focusing some time on Reiki energy healing. All of us became Reiki healers and it has helped me to be more grateful, balanced and aware of my surroundings. Taking time to truly care for ourselves and those around us was an integral part of the training and something that I still practice. I am a better person than I was before embarking on this journey and I am so grateful for that.”

— Jenny G.,  Class of 2013

“I met amazing people and have maintained connections with them since the training ended. I loved how unique the program was, especially because it including the Reiki attunement. The teachers and program guide went above and beyond to help their students. Thank you Susana! Even though I had a lot of other obligations such as school and work, the training was flexible and provided the students with worksheets to review what we missed. I loved Julie’s Meditations and learning about Chakras and Asana. 

Having lots of guest speakers gave us more insight! Having self-care “omwork” helped me take care of myself and love myself. I left the training loving who I am. My self-esteem was amazing, and my friends and family noticed that. If I could do the training over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. There is soo much to learn and I continue to grow in yoga. This training helped me understand and accept myself and others. I love yoga a million times more than I did before I started the training. So thank you Urban Yogi for offering the Teacher Within!”

— Denise E.


Questions? Call or email | 858-336-3023