Squats and Asana for Energy & Strength

Need a quick burst of energy? These simple postures and squats are intended to energize and tone your entire body. I use these squats weekly to stabilize my hips and low back and to tone my thighs, glutes and core. Sync your breath to your movements to raise your vibration while cultivating strength and harmony within your system.

Seated Shoulder, Neck, & Back Stretches

This meditative, breath-centered sequence of chair stretches for the upper body is accessible, gentle and very satisfying. I filmed this piece while waiting for a return flight from Mexico. I was achy from a long day of travel, but these simple movements combined with breath and meditation made me feel light, happy and at ease.

Día De Los Vivos Flow

Because we are alive and in control of our precious bodies, I created a ten day yoga challenge on Instagram (@susanaurbanyogi) to move our bones and raise our spirits! This spooky sequence of postures instructed with all-levels variations.

Día De Los Vivos Photoshoot

This video was shot with the help of local San Diego Artist, T. Brian Jones. His backyard was decorated for a Halloween party and we thought we'd double dip on that amazing effort. Below are some headshots and other photos he took during the video shoot. Thanks, B!!