Sunset Sadhana, Costa Rica

This video was filmed in Dominical, Costa Rica. The word Sadhana refers to a dedicated time of yogic practice and can include any of the eight limbs of yoga. This Sadhana includes slow-flowing postures for strength and flexibility with an emphasis on earth connection and self-awareness. This is not a one-size-fits-all practice.

Focus Flow

Be here now and focus your vital energy on the present moment. This slow-paced sequence features strong alignment principles, spinal twists, heart-openers and postures to make your legs feel long and strong. Learn how to use the bandhas (energetic locks in your pelvis, abdomen and throat) in conjunction with your breath and practice into revolved pyramid pose.

Beach Goddess Flow for Spinal Strengthening & Spiritual Grounding

This sequence of ground stretches and fluid transitions offers a gentle and friendly way to connect with your body, mind and breath. Filmed at Windansea in La Jolla with my dear friend and fellow teacher, Alyx Walkinshaw of @Walkinwonder, this class also features beautiful sitar music played by Andrew Bones. Enjoy the natural rhythm of your breath, let in, let go and let love rule.