Urban Yogi Teacher Trainings 2019

200 & 300 Hour Certifications

Urban Yogi offers 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego. Urban Yogi teacher trainings provide practitioners with tools for embodying the Yogic practice and understanding its applications in preventative health and well-being. Methods learned in both trainings empower new educators to teach a style of Yoga that is inclusive, adaptive and a key component to quality of life.

200 Hour YTT

January 5 - May 19, 2019

"The Teacher Within" is a 200 Hour Teacher Training for discovering and embodying Yoga as a living practice. Learn how to guide others through Yoga in a safe, inclusive and meaningful way that builds thriving communities.

300 Hour YTT

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

"The Science & Spirit of Yoga" is a 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for students with prior Yogic training. Expand your Yogic worldview and learn to serve your students with the skillfulness and heart of an advanced Yoga educator. 

Yogic Education for Healthcare & Wellness Providers

Bridges are being formed between healthcare and Yoga, as evidenced by ample research into the benefits of Yoga for wide-ranging health conditions, and the rates at which doctors recommend Yoga for preventative health. Caretakers in health-related fields can greatly benefit from training in Yogic self-care methods and perspectives for their own wellbeing and longevity in their field. As an extension, one can care for others from a deep well of vitality and skillfulness in Yogic methods that complement their scope of practice. Contact Susana about earning CEUs for your field.

Because caring for others is not dependent on one's career path, individuals who do not work in the healthcare and wellness fields may also join these programs. Yoga training can bring greater skill and meaning to any person's vocation, relationships and general wellbeing.

Susana Jones, Founder and Lead Trainer

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"Susana is the consummate teacher. I couldn't have had a better experience in my YTT. She created a safe, nurturing space for us to learn, explore, and integrate the full spectrum of concepts discussed. With a solid foundation in safety, physiology, and teaching method, we also learned and tried on several core spiritual ideas and concepts. And to enhance our training even more, Susana employed a variety of talented guest teachers and put on several in-house workshops where we could fully immerse ourselves in the teachings. Awesome experience."

~ Sean Castro RYT, Class of 2014

“On the first night of training I knew I had made the right decision to enroll. It was an expansive and beautiful experience to grow and learn alongside other passionate yogis. By diving into the teachings of yoga, I not only grew in my physical practice but gained a deeper love and appreciation for the science and art that yoga is. Susana is a compassionate and enlightened teacher that gently pushed us all to be better than we were the day before. She offered a unique and special piece to the training by focusing some time on Reiki energy healing. All of us became Reiki healers and it has helped me to be more grateful, balanced and aware of my surroundings. Taking time to truly care for ourselves and those around us was an integral part of the training and something that I still practice. I am a better person than I was before embarking on this journey and I am so grateful for that.”

~ Jenny G., Class of 2013

“I met amazing people and have maintained connections with them since the training ended. I loved how unique the program was, especially because it including the Reiki attunement. The teachers and program guide went above and beyond to help their students. Thank you Susana! Even though I had a lot of other obligations such as school and work, the training was flexible and provided the students with worksheets to review what we missed. I loved Julie’s Meditations and learning about Chakras and Asana.

Having lots of guest speakers gave us more insight! Having self-care “omwork” helped me take care of myself and love myself. I left the training loving who I am. My self-esteem was amazing, and my friends and family noticed that. If I could do the training over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. There is soo much to learn and I continue to grow in yoga. This training helped me understand and accept myself and others. I love yoga a million times more than I did before I started the training. So thank you Urban Yogi for offering the Teacher Within!”

~ Denise E.




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500 Hour Registration

Combo (200 & 300 Hour YTT Programs)

Join my 200 Hour YTT and 300 Hour YTT programs for eligibility to register as RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance upon completion.

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