Welcome Om: A Forum for Urban Yogi Teacher Training Grads

To the Graduates of The Teacher Within 2013-1017,

I am feeling the call to engage with you all, and see where you're at on the "web of life" lately.  How might we propel each other through these times on Earth, as fellow seekers and teachers?

Perhaps you'll join me and fellow Urban Yogi teacher training grads on December 2, 2017 in Balboa Park to connect, practice and share teaching resources and opporunities. I'd love to see you! 

I started my day today with an Energizing Yoga practice, led by one of your fellow graduates of The Teacher Within, Sofie Blicher, at the new Saffron & Sage therapy space in Mission Hills.  It was so sweet to be her student, and to see the ways in which she has adopted the teachings she gained through her 200 hour training, and made them her own.  How lovely it would be to partake in more classes led by those I've guided through training, or at least see their faces again!

Perhaps it's been some time since our paths crossed, but I think of you often. I have group photos of each Tribe here in my office.  Every time I see your yoga-inspired faces, it lights me up. What I haven't mastered yet in five years of raising new yoga teachers is answering to my students, "what happens next?"  The possibilities are endless, and I may take for granted my own experience of "just going for it" in building my career as a yoga teacher.  

The dizzying world of yoga opportunities may feel from the outside like a carousel moving at high speed.  We wait on the sidelines for that right time and place to leap onboard, grab a hold of something, and take a ride.  Once on board, the real work begins.  The highs and lows of life combined with the cyclical nature of teaching weekly classes puts our practice to the test.  Are you on that ride?  If so, how's it going?

Perhaps the right place and moment to "jump on!" hasn't happened.  Do you want it to, or  is life moving you in other great ways? 

Basically, how the heck are you? I miss you!

As you may know, my past year has been full of Yoga Therapy Training, and other life-changing events like my marriage to Brian.  He's the best, and we talk about Urban Yogi all the time. As I go more deeply into this new domain of yogic healing, Urban Yogi wants to reach out to people and places of all sorts to bridge the gap between human wellbeing and yoga.  Do you want to be part of that with me?

However we decide to hold down our place on the "web of life", the world needs us, aligned and empowered, more than ever. I find that the yoga community is vital to my wellbeing and to our collective ability to shift things toward a harmonious direction.  I know you care deeply about the state of things in our country and on our planet.  You are not alone in your efforts and caring.  Let's hold each other up!

Welcome Om, dear ones.  That's what I'm calling a gathering I'd like to hold for the tribes of "The Teacher Within" 2013-2017.  This is a time to see and hear each other, practice yoga, connect with nature and share teaching opportunities and resources.

Thank you for your sweet attention, and for all you do.

Honoring the teacher and the yogi in you,

Susana Jones

Urban Yogi
E-RYT 200
Reiki Master
Yoga Therapist-in-Training


Mural found in the tenderloin district of San Francisco.  Do you know this artist? 

Mural found in the tenderloin district of San Francisco.  Do you know this artist?