Love Letter - Late Summer, 2018

Dear One,

At this time of year, my cells begin to register the shift from summer to fall. This change of seasons feels to me like an inward-bound force that beckons me to gather my Self and take stock of my activities. It begs the question, "what am I doing, and why?"

I've learned to ask this of myself on a regular basis to keep moving in a harmonious direction, a practice I have not perfected.  When I can't honestly answer "what am I doing, and why?" something has gone awry. Until I can answer without a moment's hesitation, I am off the path of Yoga. 

Asking myself the same question during Yoga classes has yielded some really interesting answers, at best. For years, I ignored my body’s better knowing to follow the instructions of the teacher, or the prevailing trends in Yoga. There have been consequences.

What are we doing in Yoga, and why?
Now, having received nearly 1,000 hours of formal Yogic training, I see with greater clarity how what we do in Yoga, and why we choose to do it, either brings us closer to union with our true essence, or keeps us on a mindless track of repetition. We make this choice, consciously or not, every time we practice. 
Fortunately, the simple act of asking what and why we do what we do illuminates what I refer to as “the teacher within.” Because this concept is near and dear to my heart, it is the name of Urban Yogi’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, which I’ll lead for a sixth time in January-May, 2019. 
I am also pleased to share that Urban Yogi will offer our first 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in June-December, 2019. This in-depth program for 200 Hour-certified students is dedicated to the science and spirit of classical Yoga.
Both of these programs, while open to all manner of vocations, are being especially geared towards healthcare and wellness providers. Why? Because I believe that if the promoters of public wellbeing are supported and educated in Yoga, their work will have a multiplying effect that enables more people to thrive by natural means.
When I’m not deciding what to present in next year’s trainings and why, I’ll be submitting final assignments to become a certified Yoga Therapist and supporting clients at Urban Yogi’s home in Little Italy, DCompress Downtown. Contact me for a session to discover the Yoga that will best serve your intentions.

With great love and respect,
Susana Jones