Love Letter - Summer, 2018

Dear Ones,

Yesterday's summer solstice was the most light-filled day of the year on this half of planet Earth. The United Nations declared June 21 the International Day of Yoga to affirm peace and harmony within and between all people. I'm still celebrating, and here's why:

In the Yogic tradition, the sun symbolizes human consciousness. Daylight represents the universal principle of harmony, sattva. To use a body of water as a metaphor for life, a sattvic state is like clear, calm water with sunlight reflecting off it's surface as clear consciousness.  Nature's rhythms, like all things, fluctuate. Sometimes waves, symbolizing the universal principle of action, rajas ,dissipate the sun's reflection on the surface, thus scattering the conscious mind.  At times, those waves become so turbulent that the sediment below rises, obscuring the water until no light shines through. The universal principle of inertia ,tamas, is much like that muddy water, where consciousness lies dormant.

One with nature's rhythms as we are, and mostly made of water, our very bodies demonstrate these universal principles.  The body is always striving for sattvic harmony, which sometimes requires a rajasic plan of action to get out of a tamasic slump.  We thrive when we flow freely though these natural phenomena, known as the gunas. But sometimes, to our detriment, we keep riding the highs and lows of rajas, fueled by grasping and aversion. Nature's way of getting us off that rollercoaster is for us to burn out or numb out into tamas and hopefully rise from the ashes.

Fortunately, there is a vast body of practices and observances called Yoga which help us ride the ebb and flow of such natural rhythms with greater harmony and less suffering.  Our tendencies toward tamasic downtime, or rajasic restlessness can be integrated with a practice that fortifies the body, resets the nervous system and brings us back to sattvic clarity and well-being.

One such practice is iRest Yoga Nidra, a guided, meditative self-inquiry that meets and supports the individual, just as they are. I recorded this 33 minute iRest practice, which I welcome you to use as a tool for feeling secure and at ease amid all the changing phenomena of life.

I'm deeply moved by the experiences and insights had by my clients through engaging in this practice. I understand why iRest is being taught to veterans, the homeless, children and people in every walk of life imaginable. 

To use my mother Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn's term, my "unhidden agenda" as Urban Yogi is for you to have an inner sense of well-being, no matter what life presents next, so you can be an instrument for peace on Earth in all your relations.

As we bask in the light of summer days, perhaps even the most the troubling sides of our humanity can be integrated into a unified field of peace and harmony. 

For support with integrating well-being into your everyday, life, contact me for a personalized session today.

In peace and victory,