How to Take a Reiki Nap

Of all the nurturing practices I've adopted over the years, the one that I resort to when I'm most in need of some tender loving self-care is what I call "The Reiki Nap."

A Reiki Nap is a time of rest that is infused by the natural healing energy we call 'Reiki' that flows through one's hands.  This flow of energy can be strengthened and directed through Reiki Trainings, like those I offer, but even people with no prior experience of Reiki have healing energy in their hands, and thus, can do this!

In Reiki, we use our hands as instruments because they are energetic extensions of the heart, which is the home of love, and therefore our source for energy that heals. Our instinct, when hurting, is to put our hands on the places where we ache.  We tend to do this whether we're in physical pain, mental anguish, or emotional upset.

We don't have to wait until we're really hurting to use our hands as self-healing instruments, however.  That same energy is available to us 24/7, and can help us prevent stress-related dis-ease in mind and body.  

When we notice signs that our vitality is low, like a weakened immune system, fatigue, burnout,  irritability, poor digestion and the like, a little time spent in a Reiki Nap can go a long way.  What's even better is that it doesn't cost a thing!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Decide how much time you have for relaxation, if you have time constraints, and set a mellow-sounding alarm.
  2. Cozy up to your liking with blankets to ease relaxation.
  3. Grab an extra pillow to prop over your chest, and rest your upper arms on it.
  4. Bring each hand's fingers and thumbs together, and let the hands relax.
  5. Close your eyes.
  6. Place the hands for a few minutes at a time over any of the following areas:
    • eyes, ears, top of the head, back of the head, throat, heart, sides of the abdomen, lower abdomen, hips.
  7. Adjust the pillow and hands as needed to make it effortless.
  8. Observe the thinking mind, and let yourself be in that space between awake and asleep.
  9. Let yourself fall asleep, or not. Either way, you are relaxing, which is replenishing.

Some tips for ease and relaxation:

  • You can't do this wrong.
  • The more comfortable you make this for yourself, the better.
  • You may only bring your hands to a couple of places before falling asleep, which is fine.
  • Can't take a nap? Consider doing this to fall asleep at night, or after hitting Snooze in the morning!
    • (My student and fellow Reiki Master Janet Ratniewski came up with the "Reiki Snooze," which I thought was brilliant!)

Questions?  I'd love to read them, and answer them as best I can below.

In Joy and Peace,