Love Letter - Spring, 2018

Dear Urban Yogis,

The "promise of spring" has been fulfilled, yet again!  This is my favorite season, perhaps because I'm a Taurus and a huge fan of flowering plants.

I see the light green leaves, gentle rain and bright blooms of springtime as proof of life's resiliency.  Nature, in her perfect way, mirrors the ways in which we, too, spring to life after lying dormant.

It's ironic to me that many of us set new year's resolutions in the dead of winter, when right around the corner is a time of extra daylight, cheerful colors and bodies  rebounded from flu season.

Would anyone else care to resurrect their best intentions now that nature is cheering us on?

We all have unique lives, needs and aspirations. As I continue my advanced Yogic studies at The Soul of Yoga, I'm learning more about the ways in which Yoga can meet us exactly where we are, and gently steer us in the direction of our hearts' desire.  

It takes a teacher with specialized training to show us the tools that are always at our disposal to meet our present needs. Once we know how to utilize these tools, we can be independent, and use them as needed to be well.

I am being trained by brilliant teachers who work in the realm where modern science and ancient practice say the exact same things! The field I'm entering unifies the empirical and the qualitative aspects of self-healing.  

These teachings are part of the core curriculum in the Yoga Therapy program in which I am currently a student.  Our classes in Holistic Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga have been produced and made publicly available on the new online learning platform, Soul Yoga Therapy!

Learning about the human body through the lens of Yoga is, to me, like a continual journey on the magic school bus.  Beyond my amazement at the body's way of balancing every single thing that happens to it, however, is an unshakable optimism.  I am convinced of everyone's ability to heal through their own efforts. I know of evidence-based practices to support this conviction, and it's my desire to teach anyone who is willing to use them.

We are unimaginably powerful and we have access to mighty tools that remove the obstacles standing in our way of feeling so.  It's a remarkable time to be alive, and I hope you'll join me in seizing the springtime of our souls to flourish the way nature intended us to.

With great love and respect,

Susana Jones