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Now offered by Susana Jones, C-IAYT

"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga. The practice of yoga therapy requires specialized training and skill development to support the relationship between the client/student and therapist and to effect positive change for the individual (IAYT 2012)."   

Read the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Legs up the wall, viparita karani. I love this pose for its effect on circulation, knee health, and relaxation.

Legs up the wall, viparita karani. I love this pose for its effect on circulation, knee health, and relaxation.


I am not a medical doctor, or licensed mental health provider.  The service provided by Urban Yogi or Susana Jones is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All advice, or information, received from Urban Yogi or Susana Jones is offered in good faith to provide the latest in natural, holistic self-care advice for those seeking it, alongside professional medical or psychological assistance.

Any therapeutic yoga components of Urban Yogi's services are based on Susana Jones' status as a Certified Yoga Therapist, not derived from her E-RYT status with Yoga Alliance.


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Customized Yoga for Individuals & Groups

Led by Susana Jones, sessions are customized to suit the private client or group, and can range from meditative relaxation to dynamic, athletic movement.

  • One-to-one Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation for Individuals: Ideal for those seeking greater understanding of yoga and how to adapt the practice to serve one's individual needs. A series of private classes can prepare the client for group yoga classes, or for a satisfying home practice.

  • Special Events Yoga in San Diego*: Semi-private yoga for bridal parties, wellness events, family gatherings, student groups and more.

  • Yoga & Meditation for Businesses and Organizations*: Yogic practices for healthy backs, good energy, focus and teamwork.

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Urban Yogi may be able to include mats and props for an additional charge.


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Practice Yoga Online!

  Urban Yogi Online features scenic vinyasa flow videos with clear instructions for practicing yoga at home or wherever life takes you.  Come as you are and harness the power of your body, mind and breath.* Classes range from 5 minutes to 50 minutes and emphasize healthy alignment, core stability and meditative movement.  

*These videos are not meant to address specific health concerns. Beyond the general benefits of mindful breath and movement, they are not intended to serve any therapeutic purpose. Please consult your healthcare provider before engaging in online yoga practice, and feel free to contact Urban Yogi for more support.



“Susana, in no uncertain terms, helped me to change my life. I was super nervous to start yoga and just happened upon one of her classes. She immediately helped me to feel comfortable with her easy going and loving acceptance. I kept going to her classes and soon found that I could do yoga and bring what I learned on the mat into other parts of life. Yoga gave me the endurance to start running, it helps me have more patience with my son, and it reminds me also to take time for myself and love myself. I love one of the things Susana sometimes says in class...”There is no yoga perfect, only yoga practice.” I don’t have to be perfect. Wherever I am is exactly where I need to be. Susana helped me to learn that and I will be forever grateful to her.”

— Galloway K.

“On the first night of training I knew I had made the right decision to enroll. It was an expansive and beautiful experience to grow and learn alongside other passionate yogis. By diving into the teachings of yoga, I not only grew in my physical practice but gained a deeper love and appreciation for the science and art that yoga is. Susana is a compassionate and enlightened teacher that gently pushed us all to be better than we were the day before. She offered a unique and special piece to the training by focusing some time on Reiki energy healing. All of us became Reiki healers and it has helped me to be more grateful, balanced and aware of my surroundings. Taking time to truly care for ourselves and those around us was an integral part of the training and something that I still practice. I am a better person than I was before embarking on this journey and I am so grateful for that.”

— Jenny G.

“I met amazing people and have maintained connections with them since the training ended. I loved how unique the program was, especially because it including the Reiki attunement. The teachers and program guide went above and beyond to help their students. Thank you Susana! Even though I had a lot of other obligations such as school and work, the training was flexible and provided the students with worksheets to review what we missed. I loved Julie’s Meditations and learning about Chakras and Asana. 

Having lots of guest speakers gave us more insight! Having self-care “omwork” helped me take care of myself and love myself. I left the training loving who I am. My self-esteem was amazing, and my friends and family noticed that. If I could do the training over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. There is soo much to learn and I continue to grow in yoga. This training helped me understand and accept myself and others. I love yoga a million times more than I did before I started the training. So thank you Urban Yogi for offering the Teacher Within!”

— Denise E.